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. >>> right now, more than 53,000 customers in baltimore county are still without power. baltimore city, anne arundel county, and howard county are also struggling. in total, more than 147,000 bge customers in maryland are still out. for more details on the power restoration progress, vic carter is live with bge spokesman rob gould. >> rob, thanks again for joining us. you said you have the bulk of the people back online. but it's still going to take a while. >> yes. we have 80% or more restored. but it's really that 147,000 figure that we're ficked on now. and of course, -- fixed on now. and of course, if you're without power, you don't care how many are restored. you want to be restored. for all of these images we're showing you, it's just going to take sometime. >> what is the biggest challenge facing you at this time? >> trees, trees and more trees. this storm is as bad if not worse than a hurricane. and hurricane irene, what we saw there is pretty bad. this is real bad. we have trees all over the place, in places you wouldn't expect to see them having come down. and that's really posing
, wbaltv.com. it is now official, the baltimore city fire chief is getting a good sized pay raise in the contract extension. this is much to the dismay of the city firefighter union and at least to the elected officials. let's go live to city hall tonight for more on that story. >> the chief will get an 18% increase in pay, but let's put this in perspective. it will happen over the duration of his five-year contract. you have to give the fire chief credit for this fire deaths since 1938. he's established operation care to cut down on residents using ambulances as taxis and moving the fire department to a new computer dispatch system. >> our record of fire safety and the work he is doing is being recognized. >> the chief will receive a 18% raise in pay over the next five years. his current salary is more than $161,000 a year. the contract extension generated vigorous debate and protests at the city board vestments meeting. >> this increase is not negotiated with local 960. >> [inaudible] >> the firefighters' union zero did on the pay increase. comes as three fire companies face clo
,000 without service. in baltimore county, more than 32,000 have no power. baltimore city, it's just under 20,000. and howard county has 4700 customers still without service. in all right now, 77,000 homes and businesses still need to have their service restored. maryland's heat wave continues right now. a heat advisory is in effect for most of the state. outside, it's sunny and hot. and for the eighth day in a row, the temperature is over 90 degrees. first warning weather coverage continues with bob turk, who is updating these pleasant conditions. >> unfortunately, i don't see a lot of that break coming until maybe next week. we have a break in the thunderstorms now. it's very quiet. just a few things up near west virginia. but we do expect to see things beginning to pop this afternoon. a few things showing up. not much to look at at this point. but i am concerned with all of this heat and energy in the atmosphere, we could see some widely scattered, severe thunderstorms tonight. probably between 5:00 and 9:00. most should be over by then. but there's certainly a possibility of some isolated
. >>> stunning allegations against the baltimore city firefighter. police say 29-year-old jamar simmons was running an online prostitution ring and illegal after-hours club. a second man is also charged in the case. simmons worked for the city fire department since 2000. wjz is gathering more information. we'll have a live report coming up at 5:00 and 6:00. >>> sounds like a terror plot from a movie. using remote-controlled planes, packed with explosives to blow up buildings. now a plea deal in the case. andrea fujii is following the story from the newsroom. >> reporter: resjuan ferduss is expected to plead guilty to two charges in federal court. he was arrested in september after undercover agents, posing as al qaeda members, gave him 24 pounds of fake c4, a powerful explosive. prosecutors allege he was going to pack remote-controlled airplanes with the c-4 and bomb the pentagon and u.s. capital. under the plea agreement, fairduss will spend 17 years in prison. >> defense attorneys say fairduss has a history of mental illness. >>> crews are getting to work replacing an aging water main
>> visitors wjz tv, wjz hd, and wjz.com. baltimore. >> from the city to the counties to your neighborhood. now it's complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's new station. sent tens of thousands struck through a fourth day without a seat. more helps arriving, but how much longer it will take. >> here's what people are talking about tonight. >> sometimes house by house the power is coming back on, but now the threat of new storms could cause major setbacks. tens of thousands in the dark and four days after the storm there are trees down. earlier here on state augustin's road, crews trying to remove the downed trees. it's a difficult task in the near 100-degree weather. incredible new video. this shows how powerful the straight line winds were ripping straight lines -- street signs back and forth. more storms and an update on the heat. megan mccorkle live where the lights are still out. >> here a long lake avenue, crews are actually out here guarding this giant tree that is wrapped in power lines. the work here hasn't even started yet, which means this neighborhood may not be onli
-year veteran of the baltimore city fire department. he is now suspended without pay, pending an internal investigation. vic? >> mary, thank you. simmons was a firefighter with truck 25 out of rowland park. >> controversy continues out of plans to give fire chief james clack a contract extension and a pay raise. comes at a time when fire companies are being closed. >> derek valcourt explains, a vote on the measure was taken today, as more opponents speak out. derek? >> well, the mayor says the fire chief has earned that pay raise. but firefighters and some city residents say the fire chief is benefiting from their loss. >> reporter: the permanent closure of three city fire companies because of three budget constraints already had firefighters angry. which is why the mayor's request had firefighters union leaders saying no way. >> this [ inaudible ] i don't think chief complak or his command staff should take the raise. >> reporter: but in a 3-2 vote, the city board of estimates agrees to extend the contract for six years. the deal grants clack more than $28,000 worth of pay in
's all on wbaltv.com. click on olympics. >> here this morning, a saturday shooting in baltimore city is now listed as a homicide. police responded it a call for shots fired in the 1400 block of poplar grove street around 2:30 saturday morning. that's where they found 30-year-old jermaine blue suffering from a gunshot wound. he was taken to an area hospital where he later died. city officers are also investigating a suspicious death in the downtown area. just after 5:00 a.m. saturday, police got word of a possible shooting in the 300 block of south charles street. once on the scene, officers found a man suffering trauma to his upper body and the unidentified victim later died at an area hospital and so far, detectives haven't found any evidence that a shooting occurred. they are now waiting for results of an autopsy to determine the exact cause of death. anyone with information on either case is asked to contact the city police department. >> a police officer is recovering this morning after being hit by a driver under the influence. authorities in howard county say yolanda merchanson
that the agency are needed. let's go live to southeast baltimore for more on the latest. >> city officials admit this should not have happened. but they do defended by saying their employees needed practice paving. the people who work at a city maintenance facility on boston's st. have a good deal. they are building had a good view and the city parking lot of steps away with plenty of free space. despite that, the supervisor thought more personal spaces were needed, so he allowed city workers to use taxpayer money and time to build five parking spots and a motorcycle pat closer to the building's front door. one employee even claim a spot of her own with a professionally made sign bearing her name. >> they asked permission to do so and i said it was ok. >> the maintenance chief of the city's transportation department responsibility for the job but we asked about it. >> you know the parking lot is right there. >> yes. >> does it make sense to spend the money to build the space is when you have plenty of parking steps away? >> after we saw what they did, we thought maybe it was the best thing to do
- related deaths. >> reporter: already, maryland has seen four deaths from the heat. two from baltimore city, one in montgomery county, another in wicomico county. doctors say those at risk have underlying health problems. >> they do worse with the heat. and they do worse with every day of the heat. you can see increasing problems and increasing deaths as the heat wave goes on. >> reporter: but it's so hot, even healthy adults are in trouble. >> i've gotten dizzy. so i decided to carry an umbrella today. because the heat just pounds on you. and it's excruciating. >> i got business, i take care of it in the morning. so when it's starting to get real hot, i'm heading towards home. >> i'm not young myself. so it's pretty hard on all of us. >> reporter: howard monet already opens his air- conditioned home to friends and family. and with power still out for tens of thousands, health officials are hoping others will do the same and keep the sun from taking lives. >> hospital emergency rooms also feeling the heat. many have noticed an uptick in the number of people over the age of 65, who are comin
2013. the baltimore city fire department has been awarded a huge amounttof money that'll help towards the safety of citizens. the department has been given a 300-thousand- dollar grant from áf-e-m-a prevention and safety.áthe grant will be used to study the causes of fires and to fund the mobile safety center. a disabled boy in hagerstown will be getting his stolen tricycle back... afox 45 viewer spotted the stolen item on craig's list. kathleen cairns has more on how the stolen bike was tracked down.. down..in a story you are seeing first on fox.. kathleen: one of our viewers noticed some striking similarities between the story we aired last week..... and a bike he had just seen advertised on craig's list. the bike was tracked down to a shoppin dundalk.. but at this hour... pollce are still looking for the man who brought it there to sell it. the tricycle had been designed for seven year old ethan who has genetic disorder. the eight thousand dollar bike was designed to specifically help him develop muscle tone and lose weight. it was stolen last month... someone brought it to
to loren cook, she has a check of the traffic. >>> breaking news in baltimore city, there is a house fire onlinwood at fayette street. if you are traveling in the area, stick with lakewood as your alternate route. no problems to tell you about on 95, nice and clear, heading towards 495, towards the tunnel. harrisburg expressway, hunt valley, everything up to speed. once you get onto the beltway, here is what it looks like. bel air, 11 minutes from 95 to 83. that's a look at your abc 2 time saver traffic. >>> new video of angry passengers at an airport in dallas, texas. they had to make an emergency landing after a cease disruption on their flight. ñ' >>> five things you need to know on this tuesday morning. leaders from maryland food bank and at&t will open a new network enhancing connectivity, allowing the staff to be in contact with one another throughout the workday. >>> stephanie rawlings blake is joining notre dame helping kick off the national cancer prevention study, the american cancer society is looking for volunteers to help researchers understand the genetic environmental an
, about 45,000 bge customers are without power. baltimore city, baltimore county, still the hardest hit areas. stay with wjz for first warning weather coverage all summer long. for the updated forecast and a look at live doppler radar, log onto week.com. >>> the body of a man believed to be a missing jet skier is recovered in baltimore county. 47-year-old harry gillis was last seen early tuesday in essex. that afternoon, his jet ski was found drifting with the keys in the ignition. the coast guard searched a six- mile stretch of back river wednesday. last evening a body washed up near a dock. an autopsy will confirm the identity of the man and how he died. >>> the neighborhood watch volunteer who killed an unarmed florida teenager, could go free. a judge granted zimmerman bail for a second time. randall pinkston reports for wjz from new york. >> reporter: a judge set bail for george zimmerman at $1 million. that's a lot more than the $150,000 bond he was released on in april. but the judge revoked that bond last month, after prosecutors said zimmerman and his wife misled the court about
shot and killed by baltimore city police. it started at the 7-11 on reisterstown road yesterday. a man had a semiautomatic gun and when officers arrived he took off. they chased him to 5100 block of arbutus avenue and he was still carrying the gun. >> at this point the officer fired his weapon once shooting the suspect. the suspect died in the local hospital. >> this morning the suspect has been identified as 22-year-old davont everyone bowman. we have learned the officer is a six-year veteran. >> also in the city a man is recovering after police say he was shot in the biceps. apparently he was walking with a friend when two machine showed up and pulled a gun and demanded money and made them take off their clothing. one tried to run away and was shot by the suspect. in baltimore county a bid was discovered in the woods in north point. county police tell us somebody found the remains behind the exxon gas station. officials say it looks like a man's body and it has been there quite a while. the remains were taken it the state medical examiner's office for further investigation. to the ra
of customers without power for days. wjz is live in north baltimore. monique griego explains what city and county leaders want to know. >> kai, their main concern is how we can be better prepared for another storm. but they also want more done to prevent heat-related deaths. >> reporter: heavy rain and hurricane-like winds. destroyed neighborhoods and left millions without power across the mid-atlantic. >> it was hot. it was terrible. >> reporter: viola bowers lost service for several days. but in this neighborhood off lake avenue, the damage was even worse. and homeowners were in the dark for a week or longer. >> people who drove around said this was like it was the epicenter. >> reporter: now, city and county leaders are asking bge and pepco, one main question. >> what else can they be doing to prepare us better, when these instances occur? >> reporter: baltimore county executive kevin cam nit is one of several leaders for maryland's largest jurisdictions to sign off on a letter to the public service commission. in it, they asked the psc to press the companies on several issues, incl
will take a closer look at the issue. baltimore city officials prepping for tonight's fourth of july celebration. >> they are hoping for the best but inspecting the work -- expecting the worst. >> no one wants a repeat of what happened last for the july here at the inner harbor with two very high-profile incidents of violence. people are counting on the police department's pledge a better safety this year. city police advertise their stepped up security before the fourth of july. >> i saul anuzis -- i saw the news, and i feel safe. >> i think they have really beefed up security recently in the area are around the harbor. we are down here. >> i do plan to bring my kids to the fireworks. but i think this city is going to ram up police coverage. we will see how it goes. >> last fourth of july, a 4- year-old was shot and wounded and another was fatally stabbed. >> the strategy this year is not necessarily numbers, but it is agility and mobility. we will be able to deploy officers very swiftly should there be a problem. at the end of the day, we are looking for individuals that might caus
to baltimore city. accidents there. smith avenue at old pimlico. also, north utah at west lexington. we have plenty of traffic out there on the beltway, north of security boulevard. this traffic report is brought to you by subway. stop in for the saucy santa fe steak and melt. back to you. >>> baseball card bonanza. a discovery is rocking the collecting card world. mary joins us now with more. >> baltimore is rich in baseball history. and now our city is playing a role in what is being called the most exciting find ever in the history of baseball card collecting. >> reporter: something remarkable happened to carl kiss ner in this attic, after he and this family inherited this turn of the century house. passed down by his aunt after her receipt passing. -- recent passing. what three found were these unassuming baseball cards. they had been tied in a neat bundle and put in a cardboard box, sitting untouched for 100 years. he didn't know bell what he had -- exactly what he had. but the sports directors did. >> we believe this is the most significant find in the history of hobby. when they sent
in baltimore city. >> like the others, they follow the same pattern. they tend to be older. all of them are over the age of 45. they're distributed around the state. >> reporter: the elderly and those with preexisting medical conditions are most vulnerable. and that message is getting out. >> if you do have somebody elderly in your family, you do need to check on them. especially if they don't have air conditioning. >> reporter: one step that could prevent the death toll from rising as we head into august. maryland has issued 12 heat advisories this summer already. meghan mccorkell, wjz eyewitness news. >> the city opened several cooling centers throughout the day today. and extended hours at public pools. remember, wjz 13 is always on. check in for first warning weather coverage. for updates on the forecast, live doppler radar any time, log onto wjz.com. >>> well, fresh off harsh criticism from their dur etcho storm response, bge is seeking rate increases. if approved by the public service commission, the transmission portion of your bill would increase by about 6.6%. gas transmission
of us, it is like you just wait and wait. >> sorry tucker. >> 77 in washington. 69 in baltimore. 68 in winchester and hagerstown. we have a warm front lifting through and bringing us a few light showers at this hour. south and southwest of the city. down towards st. mary's city, we are get ago light shower. down towards fredericksburg a light shower as well. here is your forecast for today. plenty of sunshine. could be an isolated storm. 95 in washington. 92 in hagerstown, 96 in fredericksburg. again, humidity on the increase unfortunately. >> thank you. >>> time now to check in with julie wright to see what is happening on the roads. >> i'm sure it is pretty busy. >> it is. montgomery county says 140 lights without power. that is a big improvement. last night at 9:00, it was 240. crews are working overnight to restore the power. improvement there in montgomery county. still about 20 without power according to prince george's county police. >>> if you are traveling downtown, wisconsin avenue, we have been shooting this live scene. mpd has now blocked off the portion of wisconsin av
in baltimore city in january. january.less... than... 2 weeks ago.../we... told... you about... this one.../...seems... someone ...jumped the curb.. . and... ran... right into it.../ knocking... it... off... its base basepaul gessler streaming live now...with a look at the latest attacks on one of these cameras... paul? paul?twice this weekend, speed cameras here in arbutus-- and two miles up the road in catonsville-- have been hit. this camera on sulpher spring road still has black spray paint on the pole and the border of the camera. camera. for years, along sulpher spring road, drivers have been . watched. "there's been plenty of accidents. we've also had a fence, where they came through the fence, so by slowing them down--the speeders, i was thankful."the speed camera that does the watching-- it's been vandalized before. before. "i was just amazed that someone did that and didn't even care about getting caught."but, again this weekend-- it was part of a pair of paintings.across from catonsville high school, vandals painted over a speed camera b
being blamed for the deaths of three marylanders, one in montgomery county, the other two in baltimore city. >> crews are now getting help from other states. melanie alnwick is live in bethesda with an update, and hopefully there's been an update to the scene where you are. no? >> reporter: i wish i could tell you there were, but no. residents say that is really what frustrates them the most, is the lack of information. we are hearing about the crews and we know the estimated restoration time, 11:00 p.m. friday. but they would like more information about did you hear us, are you coming at some point in time? this morning pepco's president explained part of the reason. >> we had a number of sub stations and the sub stations provides power to 11,000 customers or so. we had some of the supply lines that go into the sub stations to energize them, they were damaged. so we were working behind the scenes trying to restore service, because if those sub stations aren't operating, none of the feeders will be operating either. the first 24 hours we're focused on doing damage assessment, restoring
has 20,000 people out and in baltimore county and baltimore city, they still have 70,000 people there without power. so the pain unfortunately is being shared throughout the state. and again, we hope -- we did see some crews here. they tell us they've been working 24/7 and we it tell you we did see crews coming buy looking at the wires here. they are on duty july 4th even at 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning. >> good to know. thank you. >>> making other headlines, some metro passengers taking a big risk. they climbed out of a train and walked on to the tracks. this happened after atrain broke down outside the college park station yesterday. we're told one passenger hit the emergency button and then got out. then, a few others followed trying to walk to the station. the train was eventually pushed into the station and metro is looking into why it broke down in the first place. it is also reminding passengers to never walk on the tracks. >>> all right. they are getting set for an all star-studded capitol 4th. this is video of last night's dress rehearsal. >> it was cut short. u.s. capit
... will return it... kc fox 45 news at five thirty the... mayor of baltimore... is.. accused of... making... the city... a... "safe haven"... for... illegals.../. mayor... rawlings-blake... says... illegal... immigrants ... are crucial... to her goal ... of... adding... 10-- thousand... new families... to baltimore's population... over... the... next decade..../ in... march, ... she ...signed an executive order.../ barring police... and other city employees ... from... asking about... citizenship... status..../ delegate... pat mcdonough ... áblastsá... the policy... which ...he says ...will make baltimore... a... "magnet".. for illegals. "iq: this is her policy, she's not joking around... oq: why isnt she advocating for them." them." 3 the mayor... declined to 3 comment..../ some maryland lawmakersmay have to postpone their vacations.governor o'malley has formally announced plansfor a special session nextmonth...to consider a gambling bill.john rydell has more fromthe state hous
so. things are getting better near where you live. 78 in washington. 71 in baltimore. north and west of the city, 60s overnight. 60s in winchester. 59 in hagerstown. let's take a look at our radar. did have a few showers pop up. don't see them any longer. we have a warm front working through. can't get much warmer than it's been, so it won't, but humidity will increase behind the front. overnight dew point temperatures on the rise here, and i think you'll notice the humidity back in the forecast today. otherwise, heat wave continues. could be a scattered storm today. better chance tomorrow afternoon. stay tuned for that. then more heat the end of the week, highs near 100 friday and saturday. >> say that under your breath. >> thanks, tucker. >> let's go to julie wright now. good morning. >> did i hear right, the pool is not working? you have to get the kind where you fill it up from the faucet. >> i'm about to do that. >> much easier. >> i don't know if he'll jump in the pool. >> you need to take a picture and show us. >> yeah, that would be cute. >> on the road now, outer loop of the
nearly 7-hundred-thirty thousand dollars this week to all 23 counties. baltimore city received about a quarter of the funds. the agency says maryland's sex offender registry contains nearly 8- hundred names. the governor is expected to call for a special session on gambling today. today.governor o'malley is expected to call lawmakers back the week of august 6th to consider measures legalizing table games.the bill would also authorize m-g-m entertainment to build a casino at the national harbor.... something that is sparking a lot of debate. (carter) "you can't just rubber stamp just because national harbor is a nice place and has a lot of money, you can't just say they're going to have a location, it's got to be open to others and there have to be chances for small and minority businesses to grow well." well."supporters say the national harbor casino would create jobs and bring additional revenue to fund maryland schools. the n-f-l is starting a new health program for its current and former players. players.the program will better assist players with physical and mental health... a
in washington. 79 in baltimore. 79 in ocean city. yesterday morning the mountains were in the 60s. this morning, 70s in hagerstown, 73. 79 in winchester. heat advisory is back as of noon today through 8:00 tonight. we know this routine by now. will feel like 100 to 105. lots of water, bring in your pets. try to take it easy in the afternoon sun. get shade if you can, that kind of thing, as the heat will be dangerous later today. quiet now. did have thunderstorm activity last night. that has dissipated overnight. might be an isolated storm today. we have no mechanism, no cold front or anything to spur widespread thunderstorms. just a few isolated thunderstorms this afternoon. 101 in fredericksburg today. 100 in baltimore. we look forward to the weekend and early next week when we'll get some relief. let's do and traffic and julie has the latest. >> good morning. on the roads now, lighter than usual traffic volume. i got a feeling a lot of folks extended that holiday for a very long eastbound. southbound 270 easy inbound through germantown. the last couple of days we've been enjoying the hov rest
.he is seeking the declaration for the city of baltimore and calvert, charles, kent, montgomery and saint mary's counties. b-g-e announced today that its seeking rate increases for both electric and gas distribution. company officials say they asked state regulators for the increase today...to help comply with recently enacted state and federally reliability and safety requirements. the rate hike would increase electric bills by seven dollars and twenty-two cents per month.and increase gas by four dollars and sixty-two cents per month. if approved...... rates are expected to go up in february. the company also sought an increase in rates in 20-10. more than... 50 homes... will... weekend.../ after... a... water main break.../ ruptured ... in... the ásameá sinkhole ... that... led... to a... brokee gas line... in... east baltimore. this ... the scene...wednesday.../ when... the city...wass forced to close... 4 blocks... from... east monument... to... milton street .../ the.. sinkhole... also... forced.. several... businesses
that people and businesses are investing in baltimore again." again."the project will include 64 new apartments.the city says it will be completed in june 2013. 3 3 3 7:13 "it's a bigger deal to people than i think most people realized." realized." questions about health care.why businesses are so confused about the new law. the accused colorado shooter back in court.the long list of charges he's facing now and the questions about the death penalty. and a solemn occasion gets out of control.the wild scene outside a funeral home in north baltimore. [ male announcer ] good paying jobs. better schools. that's what a world-class resort casino at national harbor would mean for maryland. but it won't happen if the special interests get their way. with thousands of local jobs and millions for maryland's schools on the line. we need to fight back. call your lawmakers and tell them to put national harbor on the ballot this november. because it's not up to the special interests, it's up to you. attack...//.a... select... number of journalists,... survivors... and... victim's... family members
inhumanity. >> pay phones in new york city are. [audio not understandable] >> as we go to break a live look down at federal hill in baltimore. you are waking up to what's new in maryland. we are back in a bit. ñ' >>> five things to know about on this friday morning. a judge will hear oral arguments on both sides of the lawsuit stemming from the bp oil spill of 2010. workers claimed they were sickened by the chemicals used to clean up oil. >>> vince gray speaks to the media today about calls for his resignation and the investigation into his 2010 campaign. he is accused of use more than $650,000 in illegal funds to win the election. >>> and lieutenant governor anthony brown presides over the largest ever state trooper graduation. it's the largest crass in the 91 year history of the academy. >>> ray rice holds an antibullying event tonight in columbia. the goal of the event is to raise awareness about bullying in schools and teen suicide. gates open at 6. >>> starbucks is breaking ground on the newest u.s. manufacturing plant in augusta georgia. they will be the first ever company owned faci
city art, a talented wire walker who started teaching adult circus and dance classes in baltimore about a year ago. >> reporter: and i noticed that there is really no circus school in baltimore. sowe decided it was time to change that. >> reporter: there's tumbling and pyramids. you can learn how to juggle, too. baltimoreans are finding their circus skills here. >> the community has been so warm and welcoming. we've had a lot of great students come in, very enthusiastic and just excited that we offer this. >> reporter: jennifer styles is taking chinese acrobatic classes. >> when you go to the gym, you're kind of on your own. here, it's a team environment. it's more fun. you're having fun while you're doing it. >> reporter: and doing this takes time and a commitment. for circus performers like erica, it's their life. >> you're just always worrying about your weight, about your body, worrying about making sure that you're better than everyone else. but if you love it, it's not a problem. you get to do what you love every day. >> reporter: and every day in the circus business, you never kn
his petition online. >>> the talks over gambling in maryland shift to baltimore today. that's where the governor is going to meet with city lawmakers there. yesterday he met with house speaker michael bush and state senate majority leader mike miller. he could call for a special session of the general assembly to talk about this more. that's where they would consider expanding gambling in the state including table games and possibly adding a sixth cuisine foe at a site in prince george's county. >>> the time is 5:35. i'm watching your money and your identity. we hear about identity theft on a regular basis, so much so, you may be tuning that information out, but you really need to pay attention because you could stand to lose cold hard cash. so how do you know your identity has been stolen? daily finance gives us these five red flags. number one, your crazy card gets declined for an unknown reason. if this happens you to, it could be a sign your account has been hacked. check your account immediately. take action immediately. number two, mystery charges appear on your statement. the
-70, we had a crash on southbound 29 at baltimore national bank. 22 miles per hour on the outer loop. continued closures in the city due to a sinkhole on monument street. let's take a live view of traffic. here is what it looks like on the harrisburg expressway. delays from timonium to the beltway. j.f.x., pretty good shape into account. john has a check and a forecast. >> we are beginning to pick up a few clouds around big area. storms approaching frederick and into the east. rain is moving in in the next hour or so, and during the rest of the day, a chance for rain as well. is up.nt forecast for today, scattered showers and thunderstorms. we look at the seven-day forecast. strums on friday, temperatures back off a little bit. by and large, the weekend looks great. by the time we hit wednesday, chance of summertime thunderstorms. >>> back now in london on a thursday morning, it's the 26th day of july, 2012. there is the famed tower bridge and something about al. he had a thing for the george washington bridge back in new york and now he has decided he wants to open the tower bridge.
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